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Our Blueberries
(June - July)
(July - August)
(August - September)
This is an early season variety with a high yield crop. Duke is a firm berry. It is a medium to large size with a sweet and slightly tart taste. We refer to this berry as a sweet-tart blueberry.
This is a mid-season variety with a high yield crop. Bluecrop has a light blue tint. It sizes vary from small to large. The taste is very sweet. We refer to this berry as the sweet-sweet blueberry.
This variety is a late summer berry. The berries are large and tend to have a light tint. Elliott lasts all the way until early fall. These berries are very firm and have a longer shelf life than other varieties. The taste is more tart and turns sweeter as they are set out longer. This variety is primerly used for export distribution rather than local.