Delivering nature's fresh blueberries

About Us

About Us
Twin berry Farms is operated by NRK Sahota Farms LTD.
A family-owned operation since 1985. Originally acquired by two families, the farm has now grown to 163 acres of farmland. We are a boutique farm providing blueberries to wholesale distributors and to the general public. We are passionate about blueberries and the community we call home. Our commitment to these two pursuits has enabled us to deliver the quality blueberries we proudly provide to our customers. 

We have over 33 years of direct experience in the blueberry industry. We excel in the growth and storage of our blueberries. In addition, we work closely with our customers to ensure consistent quality at the best market price. Our goal is to provide solutions to our clients, to help maximize profits.

Our facility is PrimusGFS certified, enabling us to keep a high standard of berry quality, as per food safety requirements. We have four coolers that can cool down our products to 1 degrees celsius. 

Come visit us, and try the berries for yourself.